Miami Dolphins: The Keys to beating the Kansas City Chiefs - Wild Card edition

The Miami Dolphins have a real chance to advance this week and these keys to the game will go a long way in getting to the divisional round.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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Defensively, the Miami Dolphins need to stop screens and they will have to do it often.

I can't find the exact stat but I saw on the NFL Network that the Kansas City Chiefs lead the league in the screen pass attempts.

I get why they do it. They have awful receivers and Travis Kelce has regressed a little bit as the season has gone on.

So Vic Fangio needs to have his defense prepped to stop all forms of screens. They have to be versed in noticing traditional screens to the backs out of the backfield and the different forms of wide-receiver screens the Chiefs will run. I will say having a bunch of players who haven't been here this year and haven't even been playing much football makes this task a little bit tougher. Oh well, do what you can to get everyone up to speed.

Isiah Pacheco and Rashee Rice are the main guys who are on the receiving end of these screen passes. Miami needs to know that any time these guys might be receiving the ball behind or on the line of scrimmage.