Miami Dolphins: The Keys to beating the Kansas City Chiefs - Wild Card edition

The Miami Dolphins have a real chance to advance this week and these keys to the game will go a long way in getting to the divisional round.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins need to show passion and enthusiasm.

I think I speak for all of the fans of the Miami Dolphins when I say we want the team look like they love the fact that it's near zero degrees. Yes we know they don't but like Tua said it's all a mindset. You have to be there anyway so you might as well convince yourself and everyone else that you're not bothered by he cold.

I want camera shots of the players running around like their heads are on fire. I want to see a team with swag and confidence. I want to see a team that's casting out the impression that it's not that you're there with the Chiefs but that the Chiefs are there with you. Miami needs to come out and do the dictating.

Essentially, we want to see that you're as passionate as many of us are about the Miami Dolphins. Even if you're not, at least lie to us for a few hours.

The last thing we want to see is a team that rolls over because they're losing and it's cold out. This team can win this game and then who knows? I wouldn't expect them to go to Baltimore and win but it's sports and weird things happen all the time. Play loose and tough every play. Anything can happen out there.

Our playoff music of the week comes from Dream Theater. Haven't listened to this song in a while but it is easily in my top 10 songs of all time. It's so good. At the 1:45 mark if this sequence doesn't get you pumped up you may not have a soul. It's fitting because the Miami Dolphins have another opportunity to break out of the prison they have placed themselves in. Trust me, this will be one of the better 14 minutes spent.

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