Miami Dolphins top the AFC East but do we really know who the best team is in the division?

The Miami Dolphins are the number one team in the AFC East after seven weeks of football but are they the best in the division?
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

If you look at the AFC East, you see the Miami Dolphins. Alone at the top, Miami has made a pretty big case for themselves this year but they are not getting much from the national media who are once again jumping off the hype wagon.

Miami has won five games, enough for first place in the AFC East but they haven't beaten anyone with a winning record. Their two losses came against the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some in the media are calling the Dolphins frauds after their loss to the Eagles on Sunday night. They are not calling the 49ers the same after losing to the two-win Vikings on Monday. It's hypocritical.

Many will point out the fact that the Dolphins lost to the Bills. The Bills had lost only one game at the time the two played in Orchard Park, NY. They don't mention that the Bills lost last week to the one-win Patriots in Foxboro. They don't mention the fact that the Bills were a non-called one-play penalty away from losing to the Giants a week before.

Are the Buffalo Bills an elite team or are they frauds too? Miami has lost to teams with a winning record. The Bills have lost to two teams with losing records.

Then we have the New York Jets. The Jets are not a bad team and they are getting better, or at least Zach Wilson is getting better a little bit at a time. The Jets have been written off in the AFC East since Aaron Rodgers ruptured his Achilles four plays into his first game in September.

The Jets are playing teams tough and their defense is creating opportunities for the offense to put enough points on the board to win games.

If we look at the AFC East, the Dolphins have lost to the Bills, the Bills have lost to the Jets and Patriots, and the Patriots have lost to the Dolphins and have beaten the Bills and Jets.

Miami will host the Patriots this weekend and while it will be a tough game, this is one of those games Miami "should" win.

Right now, the AFC East is Miami's to lose but they still have two games against the Jets and a season finale against the Bills in Miami with a lot of football to play in between.

Are the Dolphins the best in the AFC East? They are this week and they can remain that way with a win over the Patriots but the division isn't as wide as anticipated. The Jets are still in it and the Patriots are not out of it just yet.

All in all, the Dolphins may be the best right now but they have a lot of work to keep it that way. So does everyone else to prove they might be the best.