Miami Dolphins Trade Options for Jonathan Taylor

The Miami Dolphins have the draft capital and player allocation required to make a trade for this star running back, but will they pull it off?
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Jonathan Taylor.  This was a kid that I wanted the Miami Dolphins to select in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.  It was not surprising to see the wave of running backs being selected at the top of the second round, and the first prospect off that list - was Taylor.

Fast forward to now, and you are looking at a 24 year old running back that hasn’t even hit his prime.  Add on the fact that he led the league in rushing two years ago, and with a hobbled ankle still managed to rush for over 900 yards and produce 4 Touchdowns.  Those statistics were better than any current Running back on the Miami Dolphins last year.

So the Indianapolis Colts have made Taylor available in trade talks.  To be specific, they have actually set a deadline of this Tuesday to work out a deal.  This will be an interesting week, and the drama will continue for the next few days.

Taking all this into consideration, the Miami Dolphins have been linked to Taylor, and it make sense.  The Dolphins were tagged to Dalvin Cook, but didn’t want to pay him.  They ironically made a decision to bring back all running back they had on their roster last year, as they were all free agents.

So where does this leave the Dolphins? How do you think the conversation with Chris Grier went? If I was a fly on the wall, here are some trade options that I would present to Indy to try and allure Taylor to Miami.