Miami Dolphins Trade Options for Jonathan Taylor

The Miami Dolphins have the draft capital and player allocation required to make a trade for this star running back, but will they pull it off?
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Trade Scenario 2

Miami Dolphins Receive Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts Receive Cedrick Wilson Jr WR
Emmanuel ogbah DE
6th round pick in 2024

Cedrick Wilson Jr.
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The Miami Dolphins believe it or not have amazing depth at two selective position groups, Wide Receiver and Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker.   This type of trade greatly benefits the Miami Dolphins as they will be able to shed over 28 million cap space allocated to these two players, thereby allowing the Miami Dolphins not only to obtain Talyor, but to sign him immediately to a long term contract.

Emmanuel Ogbah
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Will the Colts wants these players in return is a different question? Emmanuel was a force to be seen, but a tricep injury derailed his season last year.  He’s back to full strength and now has been asked to move to outside linebacker in Vic Fangio defence.  Does Emmanuel like this change? No idea, but to be able to move to a 4-3 and line up with his hand on the dirt, is where he succeeded and was rewarded with a fat contract from the Miami Dolphins.  The Colts lack a true speed rusher and
Emmanuel could be a great piece for a building franchise.

Outside of Michael Pittman Jr - can anyone name a weapon for Indy? Is Jack Doyle still on the team? No idea, I had to actually google it and when i saw the results, I still didnt know who half the people are.

Enter Cedric Wilson, who is a great asset that struggled to appear on the field for the Miami Dolphins.  His cap hit of 7 Million this year is attainable for the Colts.  They also have the option to cut him next year with only 1 million dead cap hit.  Cedric will give the colts new franchise quarterback options - which is something they don’t have outside of Pittman.