Miami Dolphins Trade Options for Jonathan Taylor

The Miami Dolphins have the draft capital and player allocation required to make a trade for this star running back, but will they pull it off?

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Trade Scenario 3

Miami Dolphins Receive Jonanthan Taylor and
3rd round pick in 2024 draft

Indianapolis Colts receive Christian Wilkins 


This one was hard to even write down. But let’s be honest with each other, if the Dolphins love Wilkins as much as the fans do, then he would have been signed to his contract extension by now.  Wilkins is the only player in his draft group that has yet to receive an extension, and fault most likely is on the Miami Dolphins.  

Christian Wilkins
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Grier must be playing hardball with his stance, which is evident in Wilkins attending camp, but not performing in any contract drills.  Wilkins is Grier fall back plan.  In the last two drafts, Chris Grier has had the ammunition to move around, thanks to Laremy Tunsil.  Christian Wilkins might be Chris Grier new Tunsil - and that is sad.  

I love Wilkins, he’s one of my favourite players on the MIami Dolphins.  But the truth is, he is only signed for this year and the Dolphins risk losing him, with the exception of the franchise tag that will cost ~22MM for his position.

By trading him and freeing up that cap space for a Zach Sieler extension and a nice group of free agents, with the addition of Jonathon Taylor - is that risk worth the reward? 

Retrospectively, football is a business and you can’t get emotionally invested with the players as fans tend to do.  If this is a business decision, then it makes sense for both teams.