Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill "boat slap" now an NFL investigation, could suspension be forthcoming?

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Call it a witchunt or call it due diligence, you can call it anything you want but Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill is looking at potential league discipline after slapping a marina worker earlier this month.

The NFL according to reports, has asked to interview the police officers that were involved in the investigation and are requesting the video of the events that reportedly caught the incident.

Two days after the incident, the police investigation was dropped but the victim then decided to press charges. That has brought the NFL into the picture and there is not speculation that Hill could eventually face a suspension but it is more likely that he is fined for his actions.

In addition to the investigation, it has also been reported that Hill offered the man $200.00 after the slap. That report also included text that the victim ran to his office, locked the door, and hid out of fear.

Many fans are calling this nothing more than a money grab but Hill has a past that includes reported domestic violence.

What happens now is anyone's guess but the NFL does not need to have a legal base to levy a fine or suspension as they act nearly autonomously in these types of cases but the fact that for now there is no felony charges, the league would likely take a fine over a suspension but then again, it is the NFL and there is nearly no consistency when it comes to disciplining players.