Miami Dolphins' Tyreek Hill investigation is a whole lot of nothing to see

Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout
Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill is under police investigation in South Florida and that has some, namely division rival fans, in an uproar.

The reality? Yes, Hill is apparently under investigation for assault and battery of a charter employee for a boat trip Hill and his friends went out on previously. The incident is being investigated but the employee is not pressing charges at this time.

So what happened? According to reports, Hill slapped the employee on the back of the head after his charter was not able to board the vessel they were taking out, quick enough.

The question is whether or not this was a forceable mean spirited attack, something that so far has not been confirmed or insinuated, or whether this was Tyreek Hill having a little fun that went to far. That too has not been confirmed or insinuated.

What we do know so far is that the employee has not sought charges against Hill and has yet to file any other civil suits. There is apparently a video of the incident from a security camera that police are reviewing.

The incident occurred at a local marina and one news agency is reporting that there was an argument or altercation prior to the incident on Father's Day. Police were at the marina on Monday and the news broke nationally on Tuesday when the police confirmed the incident but refused to provide details.

Right now, there is nothing much to see and unless he bludgeoned the man at the marina, the worst case scenario is a misdemeanor fine.