Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill jumps into his support of Jihad over Rodgers

With a simple Tweet, Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill took up his support of a Giants player over Jet's Aaron Rodgers.
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

On Wednesday night, Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill took to Twitter and weighed in on a dispute between Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Giants defensive end Jihad Ward. 

The incident was captured all on Hard Knocks. During the final game of the preseason, Ward hits Rodgers after the ball was already thrown.

Aaron Rodgers - who is now furious - demands that Ward ‘show some respect’. Rodgers proceeds to score a touchdown and let’s Ward know that “you don’t poke the bear”. Ward jaws back and Rodgers uses the classic “I don’t even know who you are” line. The defensive end repeats the same line back at Rodgers to which the quarterback calls bullshit. 

Let’s face it, he isn’t wrong. Rodgers has been a household name the moment Favre left for the Jets. He’s quarterbacked one of the most storied franchises for about 15 years. Ward on the other hand was drafted in 2016 by the Raiders and has since been on 5 different rosters. 

After the game, Ward explained that his frustration stemmed from a previous play. Earlier in the game, Jets WR Randall Cobb concussed Giants Safety Bobby McCain on a blindside block. On the Hard Knocks broadcast, Rodgers is playfully ripping Cobb about the block to which some of the Jets players giggle. The Giants players were seemingly unhappy about their opponents’ reaction to a play which left their brother injured. 

Like the natural instigator he is, Tyreek Hill throws shade at Rodgers by siding with Jihad. 

Props to Hill, take Rodgers down a peg or two. Ever since he’s left the Packers, Rodgers tries to be this larger than life personality. Joining the Jets has only further enabled him. 

He’s done a lot for this league, but, really who is Aaron Rodgers on this New York Jets team? They haven't even played a regular season snap and the team acts as if they are Super Bowl bound. Parading themselves on Hard Knocks as the anointed while organization hasn’t even sniffed the playoffs in 13 years. 

Hill offers some perspective with this simple tweet. Who is number is 8 for the Jets? 

New number, new team. 

At the moment Rodgers’ legacy extends only as far as the Packers. Like Tom Brady, he may thrive in his new situation. There is always a chance that it might not work out. Remember, Emmitt Smith was once an Arizona Cardinal.