Miami Dolphins week one fantasy football start and sit vs. Chargers

Finally! We are talking about real Miami Dolphins football and of course, that means fantasy football as well.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have more than a few players who will have impactful plays on the football field and in some cases, could be a springboard to a fantasy league championship. You've done your draft and now, you are setting your roster.

Who should you start in week one against the Los Angeles Chargers and who should you start on the Chargers against the Dolphins?

There are two players on the Miami Dolphins you 100% should be starting this week against the Chargers. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

In most fantasy leagues, Tyreek Hill was gone in the top 8 picks if not the top 5. His ability to open a game with his speed alone is worth a top five selection. This year, Hill is pretty confident that he will cross the 2K receiving mark and if he does, he will challenge Justin Jefferson who in most drafts was taken number one overall.

If Hill went in your round one draft and is on your roster, you are starting him every single week. In round two, Jaylen Waddle came off the board. He too is an absolute starter on any fantasy roster.

For the Los Angeles Chargers, Austin Ekeler is the one must-start player on their roster.

  • Tua Tagovailoa

Starting Tua isn't a must but there is a good chance that he could throw for two or three TDs and if he does, you might not be thrilled you left him on your bench. In most leagues, Tua was taken in the mid-rounds and in some cases was the 2nd quarterback on a roster.

This week's match-up is a good one for Tua despite losing last season to the Chargers in an ugly way. He is healthy and not coming off a concussion like he was last season.

Tua should be a quality start this week against the Chargers.

  • Raheem Mostert

Mostert will handle the bulk of the workload for the Dolphins but it is unclear if he will be a featured back at the goaline or if Miami will use the FB or mabye Chris Brooks/De'Von Achane instead. The other question is whether or not Miami will stick to the running game.

Honestly, it is too early in the season to be asking this question and if Mostert is a RB that you have to consider starting this week it means you may be thin at the position. There should be better options and until we see what Mostert's workload will be, he is at best a FLEX option in week one.

  • Dolphins Defense

The Chargers offense is good and explosive. They have quality WRs and a solid RB as well as a seam splitting TE who can work the redzone very well. While Justin Herbert has late game inconsistencies, he is a top statistical producer.

Miami has some questions in the secondary and honestly, we haven't seen anything from the Dolphins defense this preseason so they are a bit unknown. If you drafted the Dolphins defense you may not have a choice but if you do, you might want to look at the other team you have and see what Miami's defense looks like after this week.

  • Dolphins TEs

You shouldn't have any of Miami's TEs on your roster you homer!

  • Justin Herbert

Herbert could have a good day against the Dolphins secondary and he will probably pick on Eli Apple or Cam Smith. Miami will want to force him into mistakes and it is possible. I drafted Herbert in one league but am considering, strongly, to start Kirk Cousins against the Bucs. I drafted Herbert in round 5, Cousins in 12.

The Dolphins defense is going to put pressure on Herbert and if they are as good as some think they will make Herbert's day a rough one. There is no problem starting Herbert, it isn't like he won't have a good fantasy statistical day but he may not produce his best numbers against Miami's defense.

  • Chargers WRs

Mike Williams and Keenan Allen have been consistent for years but last year saw both of them deal with injuries and Allen isn't as dominating as he once was. Against the Dolphins, both should have good enough games to put up decent FF scoring stats.