Miami Dolphins will select 21st in the 2024 NFL Draft, sadly, not 32

The Miami Dolphins elimination from the postseason means they now know where they will be drafting come April.
Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) poses with a jersey after being selected
Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) poses with a jersey after being selected / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins playoffs are done. So is their 2023 season. Terron Armstead told the media that the season wasn't a success. He was right.

Miami entered the season looking to build off their 2022 playoff appearence. They set goals to not only get back to the playoffs but to win the division and make it to the Super Bowl.

After blowing a three-game lead in the AFC East, the Dolphins were one and done in the postseason. It wasn't close and has divided the fanbase once again.

Now, at least there is the draft to look forward to. Free agency will begin in March and come April the Dolphins will make a first-round draft pick for the first time in two drafts, barring of course a Chris Grier trade.

The Dolphins will draft in the 21st spot. Miami drafted 22nd in the 2017 draft and took DE Charles Harris. Miami isn't likely going to draft a defensive end this year but offensive tackle, cornerback, and defensive tackle are priorities.

Miami will alternate rounds with the Eagles and the Browns. Both the Eagles and Browns finished with 11 wins as well. The Eagles will pick 22nd and the Texans, via a trade with the Browns for DeShaun Watson, will pick 23rd.

In round 2, the Dolphins will drop to the Browns position, and the Eagles and Browns will each move up one spot. The three will continue to shift throughout the draft's 7 rounds.

Despite Green Bay and Tampa Bay finishing with worse regular season records, their advancing in the playoffs takes them to the next level.

The other AFC East teams are slotted as follows: New York Jets - 10th, New England Patriots - 3rd. The Bills are still in the playoffs advancing to the division round.