Miami Dolphins WRs room power rankings: Easy at the top, not at the bottom

Several guys will be battling it out for roster spots.
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There is no debating the top of the Miami Dolphins wide receivers room. There is no debating the No. 2 wideout on the Dolphins roster, but what about after those two? How are the Dolphins set up before training camp?

With only six roster spots likely to be had, these power rankings will change by mid-camp. There are going to be some interesting battles for fans to keep an eye on. Once camp arrives, things are only going to get more interesting.

No. 1: Tyreek Hill

There is no need to build up drama for the top position in the Dolphins wide receivers room. Tyreek Hill is the best wideout in the NFL, and if he stays healthy, he will once again chase the elusive 2,000-yard season. We'll see if he lands a new deal soon too.

No. 2: Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle has a brand new contract and is now married to the Dolphins until 2028. His extension was well deserved, if not a little late in getting done. With Waddle on the field now for the next several years, he will take aim at some of the great WRs in Dolphins history. Waddle may not be as good as Hill, but Waddle makes the Dolphins better.