Miami Dolphins WRs room power rankings: Easy at the top, not at the bottom

Several guys will be battling it out for roster spots.
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No. 7: Braylon Sanders

Braylon Sanders' biggest problem is opportunity. He doesn't get enough to show what he can do and he may not get enough looks this year to showcase his development. Sanders is looking for a practice squad spot or a spot on another team.

No. 8: Malik Washington

Malik Washington has no experience in the NFL, but he boasts quality college stats and the Dolphins invested a draft pick in him. He should get opportunities in camp, more than other players low on this list. Washington has a good shot at making the final 53 roster, but there isn't much room for error.

No. 9: Anthony Schwartz

After two seasons with the Browns, Anthony Schwartz didn't record a game appearance in 2023. In his career, he has 14 receptions for 186 yards and one score. In Miami, he will provide training camp depth, but his chances of making the roster are close to zero.

No. 10: Tahj Washington

Another promising draft pick by Chris Grier, Tahj Washington was drafted in Round 7 and considering that Grier likes to keep his rookies, the youngster has a shot at the 53, but he will need to outshine Malik Washington to earn it, as only one rookie will likely make the team and the other will be a practice squad candidate.

No. 11: Je'Quan Burton

The Florida Atlantic prospect was signed by the Dolphins as an undrafted rookie. He will gain experience in training camp, but he has no real chance of making the Dolphins roster.