Miami has only drafted one player at pick 21 and there is a link to this Dolphins Hall of Fame member

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The Miami Dolphins may not make their selection when the 21st pick in this month's NFL Draft rolls around and have only selected one player at the spot in history.

Since 1966, the Miami Dolphins have made a lot of first-round draft picks. 21st overall has only been called by the NFL commissioner one time in that history. Oddly, enough, there is a link between the 21st pick and one specific Dolphins Hall of Famer.

In 1980 the Dolphins drafted Don McNeal with their first round pick, number 21.

McNeal was a solid contributing cornerback for the Dolphins and spent his entire NFL career with Miami. In total, McNeal played 9 seasons with Miami and started 48 games. He was versatile and added depth to both corner and safety. The fact he lasted 9 seasons without being a fulltime starter is impressive and a testament to his work ethic.

McNeal finished with 18 interceptions and two touchdowns.

What is interesting is that McNeal shares a connection with Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame center, Dwight Stephenson. Stephenson had a stellar career that was cut short by knee problems but he still managed to make the HOF and is considered the best center in Dolphins history.

Dwight Stephenson was drafted in 1980 as well, in round two, 17 draft picks later at pick 48.

While no other players have been selected at 21, these players were taken within one pick of the spot by the Dolphins over the course of their franchise history.

  • Charles Harris - PIck 22- 2017 - Harris is still playing in the NFL but his time with the Dolphins wasn't good. He was unable to secure a starting job and the Dolphins eventually moved on.
  • Darryl Gardner - Pick 20 - 1996 - Gardner had a decent career with the Dolphins. The first-round pick spent 6 years with the Dolphins and then finished his final two years in Washington and Denver. He started 77 of 82 games for the Dolphins.
  • Tim Bowens - Pick 20 - 1994 - Bowens was an exceptional defensive tackle for the Dolphins and a huge fan favorite. His 11-year career included two Pro Bowl births and he started 155 of 157 games missing only a handful of games in his career. He won the AP Writers Defensive Rookie of the Year award and was inducted in the Dolphins Walk of Fame in 2012.