Mike McDaniel is more responsible for offensive woes than Tua Tagovailoa

When you start to breakdown the problems with the Miami Dolphins offense against quality opponents, point your finger first at Mike McDaniel.
Miami Dolphins Training Session
Miami Dolphins Training Session / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

Mike McDaniel is a good head coach. Maybe the best coach over the last 20 years but if there is one area he is failing at, is the one area he controls the most. Calling the offense.

You can't pin pre-snap penalties, holds, or illegal blockers downfield. He can't control it when his QB takes a big dump on the final play of a game and fumbles the snap. But he is in control of the plays that are called into the huddle especially when they are late.

If McDaniel scripts his first two series of the game, that's fine. What we are not seeing is a big schematic change after that. When the Dolphins are playing quality teams with defenses that can play at the line to physically hit your receivers, McDaniel's adjustments don't happen quicklly enough.

Maybe someone can explain why the game is on the line and McDaniel is calling Salvon Ahmed's number? He shouldn't be on the team. If you need to sit Raheem Mostert, why are you not using Jeff Wilson, Jr. instead?

Why is it that when the Dolphins' offense is being stopped consistently like they were against the Bills and Eagles, and against today against the Chiefs, McDaniel believes that the same plays are going to work?

Miami's problem offensively is that they are not physical enough. Miami uses motion more than any other team but motion only serves to make protections easier. Miami's offense feeds on defensive mistakes and when teams don't make those mistakes, Miami's offense goes nowhere.

In McDaniel's offense, there is rarely a need for the tight end but when defenses stack the line, hit your WRs before they start their routes, and are not afraid of your run, you use the TEs to get open. In the 2nd half against KC Miami made positive yards when they got their TEs involved. Then McDaniel went away from it again and put his offense in position to force passes downfield.

Miami's offense is unbelievably fast on the field but there is a big problem with getting plays in on time. The Dolphins ran four plays in the 4th quarter with the play clock closing on zero. This allows smart defenders to jump the snap and the Chiefs were able to get to Tua because of that.

The offense didn't execute today, at least not good enough to win. McDaniel can't help his QB when he throws a bad pass to an open WR that would have tied the game. He can't help his QB who dropped a snap but Miami shouldn't have been in that position from the get-go. That is on Mike McDaniel just as much as it is on the offensive execution.