Mike McDaniel is not showing enough improvement in these areas

The AFC East is still in reach for the Miami Dolphins but Mike McDaniel has shown that he's not improving in several areas.

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins have many issues right now and one of them is that head coach Mike McDaniel is not getting better in several areas as an NFL head coach.

The dust has mostly settled from the Dolphins' latest beatdown into oblivion at the hands of the Ravens. As a guy who was in attendance for the Bills game earlier this year and also this Ravens game, let me tell you both games went the same way.

The games were close for about a quarter and then around the end of the first half the Miami Dolphins vomited all over themselves and the other team decided enough was enough.

It hurts really bad, especially with how the game ended. We're all a bit emotional about things because we see what was the best season in 23 years go up in smoke. This season has the feeling like all the other times Miami has made the playoffs the last few times and that feeling is a first-round exit.

I've written earlier in the year about how the time for pessimism is later in the season and that I'm prepared to have my heart shattered. My heart is broken but not completely shattered due to the season not being over and the Dolphins having an opportunity to get the #2 seed. Amazingly, that is still in play but I have no good reason to think that the Dolphins won't get stomped out by a recently struggling Bill's team who I just know will find their way against the Dolphins and put up 45 on them.

All eyes are looking at Mike McDaniel and mine are no different. The way his team came out and performed on the road with the #1 seed in play was beyond embarrassing. Not only that it looks painfully obvious that he has yet to learn basic lessons that he has encountered over his first two seasons of being a head coach. Things that he himself has said he knows he has to improve upon. Well, he's not improving on those mistakes. Instead, he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.

McDaniel is a very smart coach. That can't be debated. Getting to the playoffs with the Miami Dolphins in back-to-back years never happens and he accomplished that.

The problem is too much money and draft picks have been used on this team to get boatraced by the Ravens in week 17. Losing in Baltimore is fine but getting blasted into another dimension like we've seen plenty of other times by the good teams is just about unacceptable.

Again, these areas that Mike McDaniel hasn't improved on I think can be improved on in like 10 minutes. It's up to Mike McDaniel to get over himself a bit and understand there are greater things than being perceived as the smartest guy in the room.

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