Mike McDaniel is not showing enough improvement in these areas

The AFC East is still in reach for the Miami Dolphins but Mike McDaniel has shown that he's not improving in several areas.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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Mike McDaniel's gameday routines need to be figured out and there's no good reason why they aren't.

This has everything to do with Bradley Chubb being in the game with three minutes left and down 30 points.

McDaniel came out and said that he was sort of just about to get the defensive starters out before Bradley Chubb, potentially the defense's best player this year, tore his ACL trying to make a play while his team was down 30.

McDaniel also said after the game, in a very smart-ass way, a way I would respond if I did something really stupid and just wanted to potentially, that if he had known Chubb was going to get hurt he would have taken him out. The thing that's what the money is for. The money is for you to have a system in place for situations like this.

And Mike McDaniel hasn't learned from when this happened to Jaelan Phillips and to a smaller degree Jevon Holland in the Jet game. That game was also out of reach and Phillips was still out there.

This is something that in high school is beyond easy to figure out. As a guy whose job, when I was an assistant high school coach, when the game was out of reach one way or the other me and other coaches would say on our headsets, "Hey coach time to get our guys out right?" That's how easy it is.

What I really think happened is that McDaniel had no idea Chubb, Ramsey, and other key players were still in there. He's human and I understand losing track of things but that doesn't make it anywhere near right. Someone whether it's an assistant coach, a ballboy, or a strength and conditioning coach needs to be tasked with getting in the coach's ear about getting guys out. Obviously, that system doesn't exist in Miami but it could. It can be fixed in two minutes.

It's the kind of thing that should have been figured out in August but it can assigned to someone or everyone for that matter this very second.