Mike McDaniel is not showing enough improvement in these areas

The AFC East is still in reach for the Miami Dolphins but Mike McDaniel has shown that he's not improving in several areas.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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Mike McDaniel still struggles with his play calling inside the 5-yardline.

McDaniel is just going to continue to call goalline fades right? That's what we're going to keep doing?

I had to hear on Hard Knock after the Titans game McDaniel say that his calls sucked. He was specifically talking about not running on short yardage and fades to Cedrick Wilson.

So what does he do, throws a fade to the mighty Julian Hill on a two-point conversion. Rip that play out of the playbook.

There are so many other high-percentage plays to run besides the fade route. I'm pretty sure the only one the Dolphins hit was the one to Tyreek Hill in week one and yet we keep trying it.

You're telling me with Tua's accuracy that some form of crossers isn't a better option or getting the ball to backs in some fashion isn't a better play? Nope, I'm not going to believe that.

If memory serves, McDaniel called a fade last week to Wilson. I just don't want to hear how he needs to improve on that only to go ahead and do that exact thing. It's beyond infuriating.