Mike McDaniel shows mercy and doesn't go for points record but the Miami Dolphins emasculate Broncos

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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The important thing is that the Miami Dolphins are 3-0 and head to Buffalo with a full head of steam. The thing that might let some fans down for all of time is that there was a chance for Mike McDaniel to go for the all-time points record.

Yes, the NFL is built for offenses to have a much easier time to score. In 1966 the Redskins(I can say that I think) scored 72 points during a time when offensive players were allowed to get destroyed when they had the ball in their hands. We live in a new reality now where scoring points isn't as hard.

But the fact that the Miami Dolphins had a chance to break that 59-year record is awesome on all levels. The Dolphins starting offense scored at will, against the Broncos. And then, when the backups came in, the scoring continued. Mike White hit recently added to the roster, Chosen Anderson, for a long score, and then De'Von Achane went for his 4th TD of the game. Miami was trying to just finish this thing but the players are just that good and the Broncos' players are just that bad.

Then, the Dolphins had a chance at the end of the game to go for a points record, and like Thanos thought he was being lenient with his judgment, Mike McDaniel had mercy for the Denver Broncos. If it was me, I would have kicked it because getting a record that nobody is going to approach any time soon is worth it, but I also would do it because I think Sean Payton deserves to have this on his ledger.

What's the most amazing part about the Dolphins scoring 70 points besides, Tua throwing no-look TD passes, and De'Von Achane having over 200 yards rushing, is that the defense came to pay in the second half. Do you understand how hard it is to be as many points as they were in the first half and to come out and give a rip? You think that kind of thing is automatic but these guys are human. It's natural to come out and give up plays. But this defense said not today and held the Broncos to only seven points in the second half.

But as I said, the Miami Dolphins going 3-0 is what is important. What else is important is that this Miami Dolphins squad is hella entertaining and appears unstoppable. I hope they have something left when they travel to Buffalo next week. I'll be there next week so I want to see a show of offensive fireworks.

Man alive, is right now not the best time to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins in the last 30 years? Not 20 years but 30 years. Is this the most fun since the early 90s? I need to know why this isn't the most glorious time to be a fan.

I realize it's only been 3-0 but holt schnikies this has the makings of something wildly special.

Thinking about how the Dolphins are approaching offense, I don't know how you don't think they are this...

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By the Way- Jaylen Waddle didn't play today. Just think about that.

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