New NFL kick off rule could make Dolphins Danny Crossman good or maybe not

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/GettyImages

The NFL owners have approved the proposal of new kickoff rules that could benefit Miami Dolphins coach Danny Crossman.

Crossman is one of those coaches that has become the ire of the Miami fan base. His special teams have been anything but special and for some reason, he has made it through two years under Mike McDaniel as a holdover from the Brian Flores years.

The new kickoff rules truly move the needle toward doing away with all kickoffs. Something the NFL should, at this point, just consider doing.

The kicking team will line up everyone but the kicker at the opposing team's 40-yard line. The kicker will kick the ball from the 35. He can not pass the 50-yard line until the ball lands in the "landing zone" a space of 20 yards between the 20-yard line and the end zone.

The players at the 40 on the kickoff team can't move until the ball hits the ground, lands in the landing zone, or is touched by a member of the receiving team. If the kickoff doesn't make it to the 20-yard line it will be treated as an out-of-bounds kick and placed at the 40.

If the ball is kicked into the landing zone, it has to be returned.

The new NFL kick off rules still leave plenty of ways for Danny Crossman to mess it up.

With the players in such close proximity to each other to start the kick, opposing teams will be able to field the ball inside the 20-yard line and return it. Considering that the line will be balanced, the return player only needs to get past the first group of defenders and there will be only the kicker left to defend him.

For the Dolphins, there will likely be many opportunities to return kicks against them. While I do kid about this, there is a part of me that realizes it could happen. Despite the NFL's desire to make the game safer, this rule isn't one to make fans jump up and down.

Onside kicks are an entirely different story and we will likely see more 2-point attempts moving forward as a result. OKs are no longer allowed until the 4th quarter and they must be announced to the officials beforehand. The same current rules at that point will remain.

Should make for an interesting 2024 season. The rule will be in effect for one year and then will be revisited next season.