NFL insider gives lukewarm Dolphins update on Tua Tagovailoa contract talks

A Tua Tagovailoa contract extension remains totally up in the air.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Tua Tagovailoa has yet to agree on a new contract, and it appears that talks are still spinning rather than moving forward. Jeff Darlington, who had some faith a couple weeks ago things could get done, is now back with a "lukewarm" update.

According to Darlington, nothing is close to being done, but the Miami Dolphins and Tua's camp are still talking. That's important because they need to get closer to numbers that work for both sides. The problem, however, is Tagovailoa is going to maintain he deserves the same money that Trevor Lawrence received from the Jaguars. The Dolphins still do not feel they want to give that.

Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins continue to negotiate a contract extension

Miami is playing hardball with Tagovailoa. Per multiple reports, the Dolphins do not put the dollar value on him that the Jaguars did on Lawrence. Darlington says the two sides are in communication and isn't calling for a deal to be done soon. He also isn't saying there is progress being made.

The fact that Darlington is saying progress is not being made is not good or bad. Darlington isn't saying that a new deal will be reached by the start of the season, but he isn't saying it won't be either. Clearly the two sides are quite a distance apart and that is going to continue to be a snag.

Chris Grier could have avoided this mess by getting Tua under contract after Jared Goff got his extension in Detroit. It has been reported that Grier did not want to give Tagovailoa money at Goff's level either. The Miami QB, as you may remember, said, "The market is the market," when asked about his contract after Goff signed his extension.

If Jordan Love signs a new deal with the Packers, the pressure will be on Grier a lot more than it is now and things could get uglier.