NFL not featuring the Dolphins for this international game was a huge mistake

What in the world was the NFL thinking by not featuring Miami?
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins should be playing in Brazil, but they probably are glad they are not after the latest news surfaced from one NFL player who will be participating in the first regular season game in that country.

The Dolphins technically have the right to the Brazilian market. Each NFL team was given areas around the world where they can market to. Miami is the popular team in Brazil and they even held cheerleader tryouts there. This year, the NFL will be playing their first regular season game in the country when the Packers and Eagles meet for a special Friday night game following the opening Thursday night game between the Chiefs and Ravens.

On the surface, it should have been Miami playing and the NFL probably wishes they would have made that decision after rumors started swirling as to why green won't be allowed inside of the stadium for that Week 1 battle. What in the world?

The NFL debunked the rumors over green jerseys for the Brazil game

Josh Jacobs went on to discuss the issue saying that it has to do with "gang-related colors" and also said that the NFL may not let the teams leave the hotels at all. This makes you wonder why the NFL didn't look at this closer before they made this decision? Guess who doesn't wear green? The Miami Dolphins.

Fans of both teams will descend on Sao Paulo, but the NFL wants them to know that wearing "green" has nothing to do with gangs and more to do with soccer. NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told a local Milwaukee radio station that the gang-related reason is a false rumor. The truth is that the NFL will play in a soccer stadium where the colors are red, black, and white. The fans are very protective of their colors, as soccer is the top sport in the country. The archrival team for the SC Corinthians, wears green.

McCarthy said that the teams have not been told they can't wear green and the Packers will wear their green and gold uniforms. Regardless, it might have been easier to send the Dolphins to Sao Paulo where they could wear their white, orange, and aqua uniforms, continue to build their fanbase and none of this would be a problem.