NFL Power Rankings after the 2024 NFL Draft: Did the Dolphins climb or drop?

Should Dolphins fans feel confident ahead of the '24 campaign?
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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No. 19: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a new QB and better talent on defense. They will have a quality supporting cast around rookie J.J. McCarthy but there will be quite a few growing pains in 2024. The Vikings fit at 19 now but they could quickly drop.

No. 20: Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a good offseason from free agency to the draft. They have a 2nd-year head coach and an established QB who can make plays. The draft served them well, and they added two blue-chip players in round one. Marvin Harrison, Jr., the best WR prospect in the draft, and EDGE rusher Darius Robinson later in round one.

No. 21: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers may not have a great WR group for Justin Herbert to throw at, but he will at least have better protection. The new head coach, Jim Harbaugh, has had success at every coaching stop, but this team will be challenged by the Chiefs in the same division.

No. 22: Chicago Bears

The Bears had a great draft, had a productive free agency period and will start this year off with a new, rookie quarterback. Still, there is a lot to like about what the Bears have done but can they turn it all around?

No. 23: Seattle Seahawks

Head coach Mike MacDonald will have his hands full taking over for Pete Carroll. He will have a good running game and good WRs, but his defense could be an issue, and he will face the 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals twice a year.

No. 24: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders had a good offseason that included adding quality talent in the draft. Last year's interim head coach, Antonio Pierce, will remain the full-time HC moving forward, but the Raider's biggest problem is still quarterback, where Gardner Minshew will enter the season as the starter.