NFL Power Rankings after the 2024 NFL Draft: Did the Dolphins climb or drop?

Should Dolphins fans feel confident ahead of the '24 campaign?
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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No. 25: New York Giants

As long as Daniel Jones is the quarterback, no one will respect the Giants as a power team. The loss of Saquan Barkely wasn't great but they are not worse without him, pretty much still the same.

No. 26: New Orleans Saints

The Saints had a good draft but are still one of those teams that overplay their roster abilities. Later in the season, it all catches up, and this is a roster built for on-paper success, but ultimately, they fall apart.

No. 27: Washington Commanders

The Commanders will take their lumps this year but they have a new head coach and a new rookie quarterback and that is at least something to build fans hopes on.

No. 28: Atlanta Falcons

There is a lot of talent in Atlanta, and Kirk Cousins is being paid a lot of money. Drafting Michael Pennix is a move for the future but does nothing to help the team now. The Falcons should jump over the Saints a few weeks into the season, if not before.

No. 29: Tennessee Titans

The Titans have a new head coach, as most teams ranked near the bottom do. Will Levis need to shoulder the offense this year and do so without Derrick Henry? The Draft was o.k, but the addition of Calvin Ridley will make the offense a little more open.

No. 30: Denver Broncos

The Broncos are going to get beaten up in the AFC West in 2024. They have a new QB, and Sean Payton has the ability to get the most of the players on the roster, but this team isn't going anywhere this year.

No. 31: New England Patriots

The Patriots have said they may not start Drake Maye this year and instead use Jacoby Brissett. That is why the Patriots will not be good. They are undergoing a lot of changes from Bill Belichick being replaced by first time head coach Jerod Mayo to an entirely new team philosophy.

No. 32: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were bad in 2023 and it will take more than a coaching change and draft picks that they didn't have to fix the problems.