NFL Week 12: Top three takeaways from the Dolphins victory over the Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

It was a crazy day in South Florida as the Miami Dolphins escaped the Las Vegas Raiders, 20-13.

This victory, however, had a few misfortunes along the way. The kind of misfortunes that would've cost them the game. The defense handled things well at least.

Right now, let's take a look into my top three takeaways from Sunday's game.

1. A Lot of Offensive Troubles

We thought this game would have been easy pickings for Miami, but it turned out not to be the case.

The Dolphins offense fumbled the ball twice in the first half. The first one helped the Raiders draw first blood with a field goal.

They did it again with nearly a minute left before halftime. This allowed the Raiders to make another field goal to end the first half, 14-13.

In addition, Tua's bad habit continued as he threw an interception in the first play of the second half. He has now recorded eight interceptions this season.

Mistakes like these can't be repeated. The playoffs for them are inevitable, so if I was them, I would treat the next several games as practice.

2. The defense carried the team this time

In the midst of the mistakes by the offense, the defense held down the Raiders to their best extent.

Jaelan Phillips sacked Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell twice and intercepted a pass with almost 3 minutes left of the fourth quarter.

The biggest play from the defense came when Jalen Ramsey intercepted the pass with nearly 30 seconds left of the fourth quarter. This is one of two intercepted passes he did.

It was surprising to see them really keep the Raiders in check throughout the whole second half. Imagine what the score would've been if they did the same thing in the first half.

3. De'Von Achane came and went in two drives

When it was announced that Achane was returning to the field yesterday, there was excitement in the air. The rookie sensation missed the last four games with a knee injury.

Unfortunately, his return didn't last too long. During the second drive, Achane was tackled by rookie DE Tyree Wilson on the reception.

He landed on the same knee he injured last month. He showed discomfort when he tried to jog off the field and was sent back to the locker room.

Head coach Mike McDaniel gave his take on the situation of whether he would keep playing or not:

"He was politicking to try to come back in the game, but I was a little worried off the rust to go and do that. We kind of held him back, and we'll see what it looks like tomorrow."

Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel

Achane's knee injury will be analyzed further, but be ready for the very likely possibility that he won't play on Black Friday against the Jets.