NY Post slams Aaron Rodgers for Jets drama and everyone in Miami should love it

Aaron Rodgers is already causing panic in New York and it's glorious.
New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers during the 2023 season opener.
New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers during the 2023 season opener. / Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

Miami Dolphins fans continue to endure the national narrative on Tua Tagovailoa while watching the same networks pump up the New York Jets. The same Jets continue the longest playoff drought in the league. The New York Post is taking some shots at their star quarterback now, and it's downright awesome.

Aaron Rodgers is skipping mandatory minicamp and his absence is not excused. The future Hall of Famer is straight up bailing on his teammates due to an event 'that's important to him' but it's sending the wrong message. The New York Post has taken notice of things, giving it to the QB in the form of a priceless cover:

Aaron Rodgers is proving to be a headache for the New York Jets

Indeed, Robert Saleh told the media that Rodgers was attending an event that was "important to him" but made it clear that the absence was not excused. Rodgers could be fined by the team under the current CBA, which will surely cause even more issues moving forward.

The Post slammed Rodgers for missing camp and included a list of reasons why he might not be there, including meeting with Robert Kennedy, Jr. to discuss vaccinations and another potential "darkness retreat," among others. It's a fantastic read that slams a Dolphins rival.

This isn't the regular season, of course, but the star of that team missing out on practices doesn't send the kind of message you would expect from a guy who paraded himself publicly to show how far he was along in his Achilles rehab last year. No one in the mainstream media cares too much about this, probably because they are still wondering why Tagovailoa hasn't been paid by Miami yet.

However, Rodgers is once again proving to be a major distraction for Gang Green. People in New York and New Jersey are hoping that a healthy Rodgers can help the Jets push for a division title, but right now the focus is on him being MIA. That's bad news for the Jets, but something Dolphins supporters everywhere can sit back and enjoy.