On to Buffalo: How the Miami Dolphins can win and lose to the Bills on Sunday

The Miami Dolphins 70 point Sunday is in the rearview mirror and the only thing left to see is the preparation for Sunday's showdown with the Buffalo Bills.
Sep 24, 2023; Landover, Maryland, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) celebrates with
Sep 24, 2023; Landover, Maryland, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) celebrates with / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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The Buffalo Bills are the reigning AFC East division champions and they will remain that until they are beaten out of it. For the Miami Dolphins, this is a game that many had penciled in as their first loss of the 2023 season.

A win by the Dolphins whether convincingly or close, will put likely move the needle upward in the NFL power rankings. While those really don't mean anything, the Dolphins are going to be a team that some will say is darn near impossible to stop.

On Sunday, the Dolphins will not be worried about the critics or the 70 point Sunday. They will be worried about the Bills and it's game they can easily win and just as easily lose.

Mike McDaniel will once again hold the keys to the Miami Dolphins offense.

When the Dolphins have the ball, it is up to Mike McDaniel to utilize the right game plan and make the right in-game adjustments. His desire to go for it on 4th and inches last week against the Broncos, can not happen against the Bills.

Keeping the Dolphins in position to win is important and while there is no reason for McDaniel to not take risks when necessary, he can't simply allow the Bills to dictate when he is going to take those risks. McDaniel, like his players have to play smart football and realize that this is a game likely to come down to the final minutes and every play call will dictate where this game goes.

If the Bills take away the run, McDaniel needs to pass and if it is the other way, he needs to run. Against the Broncos, McDaniel coached a nearly flawless game and he will need to do tat again this week.

When the Miami Dolphins are on defense, only one guy needs to be stopped consistently.