On to week two and why Miami Dolphins fans should learn something from the NFL first weekend

The Miami Dolphins offense was so good in week one, naturally they are now a favorite to make the Super Bowl, but let's slow down those burners for now. We should have learned something from week one in the NFL

Sep 10, 2023; Inglewood, California, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) catches a
Sep 10, 2023; Inglewood, California, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) catches a / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"Tyreek Hill man," said one of the Los Angeles Chargers while sitting on the bench after a bit gain, again, by Hill. The Miami Dolphins receiver is staking his claim as the best in the league. That has Dolphins fans ready to buy post season tickets.

The NFL in week one should, however, serve as a something more. A lesson. A reality that what we often see early in the season isn't what we see later in the year. For the Dolphins, it could be good and bad.

Here are several observations from week one and why we need to remember, in the NFL, it is one week, one game, one play at a time.

New York Jets - Lost their starting QB for the season and still beat the Bills. Why? Their defense could be one of the best in the league.

Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen is looking more like rookie Josh Allen but we know that this Bills team will not play like that all year.

New England - Do we really think Mac Jones can be consistent enough to win every week? He took the Patriots to the wire in a loss to the Eagles. Their defense? Could be as good as the Jets.

AFC EAST week one thoughts: The Dolphins have the worst defense and the best offense. The other three teams have really good defenses. Something will give and the question is will Miami's defense grow into one of the best in the league? They have a long way to go and if they do, watch out.

Bengals - Joe Burrow doesn't like bad weather and can't play well against the Browns. No one thinks another team is going to win the division though, even Cleveland.

Browns - Defense is good, offense is o.k. DeShaun Watson is not elite.

Ravens - For all the hype, the Ravens are good, not great, and can only hope for a WC

Steelers - Kenny Pickett isn't good enough to elevate the team yet.

Titans - Ryan Tannehill is at the end of his starting career but will make a decent back up.

Jaguars - Hmmmm, the addition of Ridley really opens up that offense.

Texans - Not going to be a threat in 2023.

Chargers - Defense is a problem but their offense will be good enough to compete

Chiefs - Does anyone really believe that the Chiefs are not going to win the division in the AFC West? The Lions are a much better football team but did they expose the Chiefs? Maybe, again, like the Dolphins, this is something to watch moving forward.

Raiders - Josh McDaniels is going to have an up and down season and could be on the hotseat.

Broncos - They will stay close in games but eventually, they will run into really good teams.