One of these five offensive tackles should be targets for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have two picks inside the top 55 for the upcoming draft, and many fans would like to see the team address the offensive line. I'm going to give you my list of the top 5 tackle prospects the Dolphins could draft.
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2. Jordan Morgan - LT - Arizona - Projected Late 1st - Mid 2nd

As I said, this may seem crazy to leave Tyler Guyton or Mims off this list, but Morgan, to me, is a better fit. He has three years of starting experience at LT and many believe he has the versatility to move to guard if needed. His strength is a question mark, but his athleticism and his ability to get to the second level are solid. While he is not perfect in pass protection, he is adequate and will get better with coaching. His experience, football IQ, and athletic profile are slightly behind Barton's, but still very much at a high level. He is a great candidate for Miami if they decide to trade down and Barton is off the board.

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3. Kingsley Suamataia - LT - BYU - Projected Late 1st - Mid 2nd

This was my second highest-rated tackle prospect for Miami until I threw on tape of Jordan Morgan. Kingsley is close, but he is just a bit more raw. He just turned 21, so he is young, and he is the cousin of Detroit lineman Penei Sewell. He has longer arms than both Barton and Morgan and has played at both tackle positions. He is not a player who is projected to play at guard, but his lack of polish in pass protection and his run-blocking prowess make me believe he could kick inside for a year if needed. He is a player that needs to develop, but playing guard for a year to get his feet under him, then kicking back out to tackle next year may be a benefit to his long-term development. He is just as athletic as Jordan Morgan, and probably a bit stronger; he just needs to develop some aspects of his game to be an all-around stud.