Only 4 players remain on the Miami Dolphins on the anniversary of the Miami Miracle

Miami Dolphins fans are taking to social media to celebrate and remember the Miami Miracle that turns five today and only four players remain from that team.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Miami Miracle is etched into Miami Dolphins football lore like the Snow Plow game and the Thanksgiving Leon Lett mishap. Now, that incredible ending turns 5.

On social media channels, fans are remembering the most unfathomable play against the New England Patriots and when you hear Miami Miracle, you can't help but also hear, "Gronkowski didn't have the angle."

The key players from that game are all long gone. Kenyan Drake, De'Vante Parker, Kenny Stills, and Ryan Tannehill who ironically returns to Hard Rock Stadium on Monday night.

The entire team has gone through major changes from personnel to coaches. Only four players remain from that game on the roster today.

Our friend Igor, from DolfansNYC, pointed this out on Twitter earlier today and it was a bit surprising that the turnover is so big.

Still on the roster today are Xavien Howard, Jerome Baker, Durham Smythe, and Jason Sanders. (NYC corrected his original "tweet" to include Smythe.

Following the 2023 season, who will remain for the six-year anniversary? There are rumors and speculation that both Jerome Baker and Jason Sanders could move on after the season but both are playing really good football this year and Xavien Howard is playing much better since Jaylen Ramsey arrived.

The Miami Miracle was the play of the year and it wasn't a surprise. Miami continued to make the Patriots lives horrible at Hard Rock Stadium.

There won't be any big events to celebrate the game or the play. it is simply one final play in the history of the NFL. Remembered by fans and the players that experienced it.