Opinion: Why everyone should keep talking trash about Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa is still not getting the respect he deserves and personally, that might be a good thing for the Miami Dolphins QB.
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
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To quote one of the other kids from The Sandlot, Timmy Timmons, "We've been going about this all wrong. I blame myself." Miami Dolphins fans should feel the same way about the Tua Tagovailoa disrespect.

This, obviously, is in regard to all the BS, garbage, and nonsense talk that, quite expectedly has arisen over the last few weeks concerning everything that is Tua Tagovailoa. I understand that the guy is polarizing like no one else but man alive this guy can't tie his shoe without having some doofus from a network or podcast coming for his throat saying that there are bigger stronger guys who do it better.

This week it was Stephen A. Smith's turn to come out and say that all Tua is doing is throwing two-yard throws to Tyreek Hill essentially saying that anyone can do what Tua does. All the yucks on his show Stephen A. presents First Take just sat there and nodded like they were Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson(RIP) agreeing with one of Vince McMahon's schemes to screw over Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The best part and it's possible that Stephen A. is just majorly trolling Dolphins fans but having all the highlights going off as Stephen A. makes a fool of himself of Tua going deep, is just marvelous. Maybe Stephen A. fired the person who did that.

Thankfully, Dan Orlovsky checked Stephen A., as much as he thought he could, and got Smith to do one of his classic back peddles where he just says he didn't say what he said. The weird thing is and I'm not sure if Stephen A. Smith understands this but we have the internet and the internet never ever forgets.

I get it. Stephen A. doesn't watch the games and he's not going to. But I bet he does watch the highlights which begs the question; what plays is he seeing where Tua is only running two and five -and five-yard routes? All the highlights that are ever shown are Tua going deep to Tyreek Hill and 18-23-yard throws down the middle.

Then it was an oldie but goodie in Colin Cowherd to go after. Cowherd is no stranger to saying dumb stuff. This is the guy who a few weeks ago said Dwyane Haskins, who tragically passed last year, can't win a Super Bowl in the future. Was it a mistake, sure. Should Colin of remembered that Haskins passed? Probably. Did Colin ever apologize and acknowledge that he made a mistake? Not a chance. You see, saying you messed up something you never should get wrong is not in the hot take playbook so don't try and tell me well Colin has a whole segment called Colin is wrong. We're not talking about getting games wrong here.

Anyway, Colin believes that even though Tua Tagovailoa is currently #1 in MVP odds, it wouldn't be exactly wise to give him a big, long-term contract.

I see what he's trying to say but to say only four teams would be interested if for whatever reason Tua ever hit the market is just so stupid meaning it's so Colin. Little Buddy, who is Colin's little sidekick, lapped it up because of course he did but that doesn't mean Colin isn't way off. He is and you'd like to think he knows it.

You see, it's good business to talk about Tua Tagovailoa and it's even better for business to take a steaming Colin(what I call a deuce) on Tua. The networks know it and the talking heads know it. So, it's going to keep happening.

And this is where I blame myself. I should have seen this as a positive long ago and encouraged more of it. I should have realized that all these dopes dogging Tua is what is best for Tua thus best for us fans of the Miami Dolphins. It's so simple and it's something that all high-level athletes have been doing from Michael Jordan to Bobby Boucher to Happy Gilmore. All these mega-athletes need reasons to train, study more, and look to embarrass fools and they all use negative energy. It's like a reverse Ghostbusters 2.

One of the guys I mentioned, Michael Jordan, made up a story that a guy was talking trash on him just so he could convince himself that he did so he would play better the next night and it worked. So yes, using hate as motivation works.

The rating sharks who can't help themselves but try and take down Tua will only give Tua more of a chip on his shoulder. We've seen salty Tua but I don't think we'll see him get too annoyed that these guys say these kinds of things. I think he knows it helps him and I'm all for it.

Tyreek Hill, on his podcast It needed to be said that he's tired of everyone ripping on Tua. I get why it would annoy and upset him.

No Tyreek, for right now, we want everyone talking this nonsense. It's part of the reason, perhaps a small part but still a part, why Tua is so locked in. At least, that's what I think because how could it not?

Let everyone have Frank Grimes moments getting mad that Tua is playing at an MVP level. Let them all talk about how it's all McDaniel or Tyreek Hill and not Tua. It's what's best for the Miami Dolphins to have these human paraquats keep losing their minds that a guy who doesn't have a rocket arm, who doesn't scramble for big yards, who doesn't make jaw-dropping athletic plays and throws just keeps producing.

So whether it's Stephen A. Smith, Colin Cowherd, Kyle Brandt, Peter King, Mike Florio, Mike Greenberg, or some 17-year-old with an anime picture on Twitter(X) ragging on Tua, say thank you and go about your day.

This week against the Eagles will certainly create reactions no matter what happens. We know what will be said if Miami wins or not. Deal with it either way. The sharks will be out regardless of the Dolphins win. It just will be hilarious watching them tear Tua down some more but me and all the Miami faithful will be benefiting.

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