Packers Mark Murphy has it all wrong about who is the most popular team in Brazil

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Mark Murphy is the current CEO and President of the Green Bay Packers and he thinks the Packers are one of the favorite teams in Brazil. No, that would be the Dolphins.

Speaking at an event called the "Tailgate Tour", Murphy said, "We're either the first or second most popular team in Brazil." It would be the second because the Dolphins have one of the biggest foreign market fanbases in Brazil. In fact, the Dolphins are the only team listed as the Global Market team for the country.

This year, the NFL will play a regular season game in Brazil and it was surprising that the Dolphins were not part of that game given the interest of the fans in Brazil.

This year, the Eagles have been pegged to "host" a home game in Sao Paulo and the Packers could be the team they play against. If the Packers are number two on that list, it might make sense but it still doesn't make sense that Miami is not.

The Dolphins' popularity across the globe continues to rise. They are one of two teams that are in Spain, along with the Chicago Bears, and one of seven in the U.K. It is surprising that Miami isn't listed as more of a Global team in Germany given the high fanbase there as well.

As for Murphy's comments, maybe the Packers are number two, maybe he was just being optimistic. Maybe as some have speculated, Murphy is hinting at a potential game this year in Brazil. This year's game in Brazil will take place at Corinthians Stadium and will be the first International Series game played during week one of the season.

The NFL has been rumored to be releasing the full 2024 schedule on May 9th this year.