Patience is thinning as Miami Dolphins fans are turning from Dalvin Cook

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins
Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Prior to his release, Dalvin Cook was a hot button topic for Miami Dolphins fans. Now, they are just tired of hearing it. So let's talk about it!

Yes, Dalvin Cook will make the Miami Dolphins roster better but after reports surfaced that he wants a big contract and will not settle for something cheaper, many fans have turned their attention away from Cook and are citing the needs in other areas as a reason why.

Re-sign Christian Wilkins is back as a top topic for watercooler chats. "The Dolphins will be just fine with Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert....give the money to Wilkins!" that about sums up the feelings of late.

Cook has yet to sign with anyone and the rumors of where he would end up have gone dry. That is not overly surprising given his contract wishes. Chances are, Cook will sit the off-season out and wait until training camps start. At that point the interest from teams should be at least a little higher and there is always a team that will suddenly jump on the price.

For Miami, it isn't likely. Chris Grier is pretty frugal with his spending and that isn't likely to change now. It would be almost shocking if Grier paid out a big contract for a running back. Even Cook.

It seems as though Miami fans have had enough for now. Cook has been a top topic since the NFL Draft in April and even back in March during free agency. Cryptic tweets and leaked rumors of where he wants to play and who may be in play for him has taken its toll.

Will Cook end up with the Dolphins? At this point who knows and a better question is whether or not anyone truly really cares anymore. I would proffer that plenty of fans care and would love to see him added but the constant back and forth has become enough for everyone.

So until the next Dalvin Cook rumor forces us to write another article about him...peace out!