Patrick Paul: "I knew I wanted to be a Dolphins the minute I met Mike McDaniel"

Sep 30, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA;  Houston Cougars offensive lineman Patrick Paul (76) in action
Sep 30, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Cougars offensive lineman Patrick Paul (76) in action / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Paul may not have been a fan-favorite 2024 NFL Draft pick for Miami Dolphins fans on Friday night, but he only wanted to play for the Dolphins.

Paul met with the media for the first time Friday after being selected with the 55th overall pick. A bit of a reach by most experts opinions but the Dolphins had him as the top player on their draft board when they were on the clock.

Like on Thursday, the Dolphins fielded trade offers but ultimately opted to stay put and take the rest of the night off.

At his press conference after the selection, Chris Grier said that Paul's agent spent two days bombarding him with texts that Paul really wanted to be drafted by Miami. Something he confirmed when he spoke with the media.

"I wanted to be coached by Mike McDaniel and Butch Barry. I knew from the minute I started talking to them that I wanted to be a Miami Dolphin."

Patrick Paul

Dolphins fans may not have been thrilled with the draft pick but how can you not love the fact he had his mind set on the Dolphins from the start? Paul has to work on more than a few aspects of his game but he is a monster of a man. 331 pounds, physical, and 6' 7" tall. The Dolphins will have to work on getting him to bend better when in pass coverage or Tua may not be able to see over him.

As the smoke dissipates following the first and second day of the draft, the picture of what Miami was trying to accomplish became a little clearer. With only six picks in this year's draft and none in rounds three and four, Miami is setting themselves up for the future.

In 2025, the Dolphins will have no need to draft an offensive tackle and it is clear that Miami anticipates Terron Armstead will not be on the field. Not having to use draft capital on the position is forward thinking and Paul will get a year to learn from one of the best.