Penn State's Chop Robinson will pay off for the Miami Dolphins instantly

Rutgers v Penn State
Rutgers v Penn State / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins didn't make a trade, and they ended up drafting a defensive end. That defensive end is Chop Robinson out of Penn State.

As a Penn State alumni, I know that Chop Robinson is the real deal. He's a player who plays with a measured ferocity that will pay off in an instant way for the Miami Dolphins.

Chop Robinson comes into a wonderful situation if you're him. I'm saying that Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips are rehabbing their respective legs. We have no idea when those guys are going to be able to play. It's nice to say that Phillips will be available for week one. He did say he would be available for the season, whatever that means. As long as he gets back to the season at some point, I guess he's right.

Chubbs got hurt at the end of the season. I'm guessing he'll be unavailable until mid-season. Don't quote me on that. It's just a feeling.

So Chop Robinson comes in and has an excellent chance to be an impact player right from the get-go. He has the ability to be a playmaker on defense, a defense that needs as much help as it can get in the front four.

I have no idea what kind of scheme Anthony Weaver will be running, but I have to imagine, or at least I will convince myself that Weaver had some input on the selection of Chop Robinson.

Personally, I would have loved Robinson if the Dolphins had traded down and got him around 28. I wanted Tro Fautanu, but in classic Miami Dolphins fashion, he was selected right before Miami was picked.

For those like myself who wanted an offensive lineman, we didn't get our wish. Once again, Chris Grier is electing to believe the offensive line will be just fine. We know how that typically turns out. Maybe they'll take an offensive lineman in round two.

Ultimately, Chop Robinson will be on the field at the very beginning of the season. I have all the confidence in the world in Chop Robinson and the coaches to get Chop ready to play.

Also, let's not act like this might not be our reality as Dolphins fans. But Chop Robinson might end up being Jaelan Phillip's replacement. Jaylen Waddle is costing more and more, and Tua is getting paid. Someone out of Waddle, Phillips, and Holland is going to be out. It might be Jaelan Phillips in the end. This might be what gets that reality rolling.

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