Peter King Has High Hopes for This Miami Dolphins Player

After visiting Dolphins camp, the hall of fame writer predicts major success for this Dolphins player.
Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Mark Brown/GettyImages

This week past week, Peter King was visiting with the Miami Dolphins for his yearly training camp tours. As expected, King had some positive comments about his visit to Miami Gardens. In his video for NBC, the hall of fame writer had 3 major takeaways following his visit to Dolphins camp. 

His first observation was that this group seems to have fun at practice. On a day so muggy and gloomy outside, the team was seemingly still upbeat and positive. The 2 hour session in the Florida heat was no issue for the players. King calls this a ‘hallmark’ of a McDaniel led team. “They are going to go out even on an oppressive day and they’re going to have fun.”

His second observation was how defensive coordinator Vic Fangio ‘exudes confidence’. After interviewing Fangio for the DC vacancy this offseason, Head Coach Mike McDaniel came away impressed by the interaction. What struck McDaniel was how confident Fangio was in winning with the players already on the roster. 

As King puts it: “Vic Fangio is confident - I believe - he can win, in a safety-centric scheme. Which his is. And he can win with the players he has in-house with the Dolphins”

This ties into his third observation - the Dolphins player he has high hopes for.

The success of this Dolphins defensive unit not only hinges on the play calling of coordinator Vic Fangio but on the performance of some key players. In this - as Peter King puts it - ‘safety-centric’ scheme, one of the key cogs will undoubtably be third year player Jevon Holland. 

Holland, who has been impressive in his first two seasons, will be the anchor of the Dolphins secondary. Peter King believes that Holland ‘will up his game and do even more’ this year in Miami. He points out that this new scheme requires that their safeties play deep and that throughout camp Holland has been excelling in that role, demonstrating his natural ability to play well in space. 

King’s expectations for Holland definitely align with those on the Dolphins coaching staff. Sizable jumps have already been made in his first two years in the league. With one of the greatest defensive minds in the NFL by his side, there’s no telling how good he can be.