Petition to Give Daniel Jones’ Nickname to Tua Tagovailoa

Danny meet Donny Dimes 
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

NFL Nicknames. 

When you hear GOAT do you immediately think of Tom Brady? Or do you think of Jerry Rice? Does the name ‘Iron Mike’ conjure up thoughts of Ditka or Tyson?  

What constitutes a good NFL nickname? 

When a nickname is good it doesn’t require any effort whatsoever to decipher. It’s the equivalent of calling a tissue, a Kleenex. 

Same rings true in the NFL. Everyone knows who Megatron is, even Legatron. There will only ever be one Sweetness. Deion Sanders is Prime Time. Prime is so tied to his identity that it’s become a legacy brand. He’s even leading the University of Colorado as ‘Coach Prime’. 

Though some nicknames that stuck around should have otherwise been abandoned. Matt Ryan became Matty Ice, but after that debacle in the Super Bowl, should he even be allowed to keep it? 

This brings us to Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones. ‘Danny Dimes’ as he’s affectionately known. 

When we think of Jones’ as a quarterback, what traits come to mind? Height, speed, general athleticism? Perhaps maybe even arm strength. Accuracy would not be one of them. No one is naming him in their top-five for accurate passers in the NFL. He does not throw 'dimes'.

So then why is he Danny Dimes? Because of the alliteration? In that case, call him Danny Dual-Threat, he’s a much better scrambler than a pin-point passer. 

The ‘Dimes’ moniker needs to be abandoned by Jones and ultimately given to its rightful owner - Tua Tagovailoa, the accuracy king. Tua may not have the size & speed of some the NFL’s elite passers, but what he lacks in those areas, he more than makes up for with his accuracy and anticipation. He’s top tier in those categories.

Just look at some of throws he’s made over these past few weeks. Specifically, look at the game winning touchdown he threw to Tyreek Hill at the end of the Chargers game.

Look at Tua throwing it on a dime. Doesn’t get any more pin-point than that. No wonder Tyreek Hill calls him the most accurate passer in the NFL. 

Now for the obvious question: Why Dimes if it doesn’t alliterate with Tua? You can’t say Tua Dimes, it doesn’t flow. Well over this past week Twitter brought to our attention Tua’s full name. 

'Tuanigamanuolepola Donny Tagovailoa'

His middle-name is Donny! Freaking Donny.

Donny Dimes is the name of a quarterback who can rally his team. Donny Dimes is the name of a quarterback who executes plays with precision passing and anticipation. A quarterback who is calm and collected in the hairier parts of a game. 

Opponent leading? You’re two scores behind? Don’t worry, you got Donny Dimes!

Such a natural fit, it would be a crime for the nickname to go to waste. 

So going forward let this article serve as a petition. A petition to allow for the removal of ‘Danny Dimes’ in place of the much more appropriate, much more relevant- Donny Dimes.