Player preview: Offensive Line Liam Eichenberg

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have communicated that they will only carry 53 players this season. The roast and training camp will be the determining factors that will help coach Mike McDaniel choose the players. Do you think Liam Eichenberg will make it into the list?

Liam Eichenberg is part of the Miami squad since 2021. That same year, he was a 2nd round pick (42nd overall) in the NFL Draft. During his two seasons with the Miami Franchise, he played 27 games and started in 26 of those games.

Even when he was a rookie, he was a crucial player for the Dolphins, because in a position, where there are players with far more experience than him, starting those many games, means that he is on a different level of performance than the others.

  • Salary situation

$2,185,768 Cap Number. If he is released from the Dolphins, the amount of Dead Money will rise to $1,594,356, that means that the Cap Savings will end up being $591,412

For the 2023 season, if we look at the numbers and the games he started, all indicate, that he will have no problem entering the list. Although the new rookies, could make a surprise and take his place like he did when he joined the franchise. But in the end, he will make it into the starting team and will play this season.

Prediction - Liam Eichenberg will enter the 53 players list.