Post draft rumors could shed more light on Miami Dolphins plans at running back

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The Miami Dolphins are one of those teams that take you into dark places and just when you finally see an out, they bring you back in. So is the case with Dolphins rumors.

Prior to the NFL Draft, the Dolphins were the hot team to watch because they had only four draft picks and they wanted more. MIami didn't make a move. The Dolphins were a team to watch because they were reportedly very high on Dalvin Cook. But they didn't make a move.

Now, there is some more light that is being shed on what may or may not have have happened during the course of the NFL Draft. More importantly, how does this set the Dolphins up for a huge move after June 1st?

Dolphins YouTube star DouglieDoWrong reported that Jeremy Fowler reported the Dolphins were trying to make a deal for Lions running back De'Andre Swift. Swift ended up going home to Philadelphia to play his hometown Eagles.

The deal that sent Swift to Philly was for a swap of 7th round picks and a 2024 4th round pick. What makes this move interesting is that Miami was attempting to trade for Swift shortly after drafting DeVon Achane.

If this is accurate from Fowler, Miami isn't content with their RB room or simply saw a path to updgrade the unit but came up short.

Another rumor was emailed to me, yes believe it or not every now and then I get an email that doesn't call me out for being a hack writer! According to the email, the Miami Dolphins reportedly tried to trade into the first round.

This is an interesting rumor because the person who told me was uncertain where the Dolphins were trying to trade up to. Could it have possibly been for Jahmyr Gibbs or one of the top tight ends? Regardless, according to the email, the Dolphins were approached about moving up by the other team and in the end, it was Chris Grier that shot it down.

So what does any of this mean? For starters, it won't make the rumors of a Dolphins/Vikings trade go away. If Miami was trying to upgrade their RB room after drafting Achane, the Dolphins likely are still looking at doing so.

Swift could simply have been one of those players Miami liked, could get cheap, not give up a lot in compensation or financially. Cook would cost a considerable amount more financially. Still, the door remains open and until June and July pass and Cook remains with the Vikings, the chatter will not simply die down but it would likely resurface again ahead of the trade deadline.