Post Free Agency: Top 3 positions the Miami Dolphins need to focus on in the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is approaching and the Miami Dolphins have work to do as the pool of potential free agents dries up.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Free Agency isn't over. In fact, I don't think free agency ever actually ends. It's like post-modernism or the simulation we may or may not be living in. Free agency is something that we are always experiencing. But most of the impactful free-agent signings have been signed. That leaves the NFL draft as the next best opportunity for the Miami Dolphins to improve the team and these three positions need the most work.

I'm not here to debate anyone about whether the Miami Dolphins, who have the current #21 pick in the draft, should be drafting for best player available or for need. Personally, I'm a draft-the-best player available guy regardless of how you're stacked at that position. But filling an obvious void does have its positives.

After the bloody Monday that occurred when all the homegrown talent that we all came to love seeing on the field was set free, Chris Grier and company did a pretty good job replacing some of those players and bolstering other units that needed help. Grier did it with not much of a budget and the names he was able to get here, are a bit impressive even though I like many think Grier has overstayed his welcome.

Still, there are positions on the roster that are quite weak and need some young blood to upgrade it. The Miami Dolphins have a few positions of immediate need, Fortunately, this NFL Draft is deep in some of those positions the Dolphins have to improve on.