Post Free Agency: Top 3 positions the Miami Dolphins need to focus on in the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is approaching and the Miami Dolphins have work to do as the pool of potential free agents dries up.

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The Miami Dolphins need a legit 3rd receiver and this draft is loaded with dudes.

The Miami Dolphins have the best one-two punch in the league when it comes to wide receiver. I will die on that hill. Speaking of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, they need help and the team, currently, doesn't have the help they need.

Braxton Berrios, River Cracraft, and possibly Erik Ezukanma are okay but none of those guys are a legit #3 wide receiver that can take real pressure off Hill and Waddle.

I realize that Mike McDaniel needs to actually make the #3 receiver position somewhat part of the game plan and not just another spectator who watches Waddle and mostly Hill get fed the ball. The #3 receiver needs to be someone that defenses have to pay attention to.

There were some reports that Tyler Boyd and the Dolphins have some mutual interest but it appears that every decent team in the league has interest In Boyd.

We know that the Dolphins offered Odell Beckham Jr. a contract but nothing has been agreed upon. I wouldn't doubt at all that is who will be the #3 receiver.

Even if one of these guys ends up in Miami, the Dolphins need an aire to the #2 receiver position once Tyreek Hill is no longer playing due to Jaylen Waddle taking the #1 spot. Remember, Hill said last year that after the 2025 season would be his last. I can't say that if the Dolphins or anyone else offers a brink truck of money he won't take it but planning a little bit for life after Hill would be wise in such a deep receiver draft.

If one of the aforementioned receivers does get signed, I wouldn't think the Dolphins go receiver in the 1st round. Perhaps the second, however, would be where they would draft one. Players such as Ricky Pearsall from Florida, and Ladd McConkey from Georgia are very good players that should be there in the second round.

In the later rounds, receivers such as Brenden Rice from USC and Luke McCaffrey from Rice are guys that I have as potential diamonds in the rough.

It's a passing league and you need talented, capable receivers in this league. Miami needs to figure out which guys in the draft fit what they like to do.

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