Potential offseason changes could be huge benefit for the NFL and Dolphins fans

The NFLPA is hoping to change the way the NFL operates in the offseason and it could be great for fans.
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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There is a path ahead that would allow for major changes to the NFL's season and offseason schedule, and it could be glorious for NFL fans. Miami Dolphins fans will love it as well, there's no doubt about that.

According to Tom Pelissero, the NFLPA is wanting to overhaul the offseason workout programs. In fact, they want to eliminate them entirely. Before we get riled up over an extended offseason, it might be a perfect situation for fans.

Could the NFL put an end to offseason voluntary programs?

Pelissero points out that the NFLPA is "working to finalize" a proposal that would end voluntary offseason work. He says nothing regarding mandatory work in the offseason, although those camps are minimal. An earlier start to training camp would be ideal and could signify a massive change on the horizon.

Roger Goodell has already said publicly that the league doesn't see the value in preseason games, and he has been trying to get an 18-game schedule on the books for a while. It was a big win not long ago to get a 17th game added. The NFL is pushing for 18 and will likely get it.

If the NFLPA can get the offseason workout schedules changed, the start of the NFL season may be able to bump up a week to allow the playoffs and Super Bowl to stay within the current schedule of play. The NFL could reduce or eliminate preseason games, giving players more practice sessions with what might ideally work out to less preseason injuries.

With the NFL season ending in February with the Super Bowl, the start of free agency beginning in March, and the schedule release in May, fans would potentially see a return to football coming in early July. That's one month without something significant happening in the league.

Making it potentially better is an earlier start to the season. The NFL used to start the first week of September. For the players, it should be a better option as well. They can travel, spend more time being with their family, rather than cutting stuff short to return to training facilities. This could be a win/win proposition by the NFLPA that, again, includes the fans getting more games and more football to talk about.