Predicting the Miami Dolphins bye week and why it's important

The Dolphins have proven over the last few years that the bye week is important and this year is no different
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Every NFL team will get one weekend off in 2024 when their bye arrives. For many teams, the later in the season, the better.

On May 15, we will know the full schedule and when the Miami Dolphins will get their bye. There are four highlights that fans react to immediately when a schedule is released. Who and where do they open the season, who do they close the season against, do they play on any holidays, and when will they get a needed week off? This year, Miami should again hope for a later bye. Before we dive into our prediction, here are the last six bye weeks, the results the week after, and what happened the week before.

Bye week

Prior games

Results after bye

Location after bye

2023 - Week 10

Germany trip

Beat Raiders


2022 - Week 11

Home vs. Browns

Beat Texans


2021 - Week 14

Two home games

Beat Jets


2020 - Week 7

Beat Jets

Beat Rams


2019 - Week 5

Home vs. Chargers

Lost to Washington


2018 - Week 11

Loss @ Green Bay

Loss to Colts


The Dolphins have done well coming off a bye week the last four seasons. Prior to the bye, the Dolphins have more often than not played at home or, as was the case last year, out of the country. This year, the Dolphins will not play overseas, but they will play two games on the West Coast.

The Miami Dolphins schedule will officially be released on May 15

The last time the Dolphins played two consecutive West Coast games, the NFL schedulers did not do them any favors. They sent them to Buffalo following the two-week road game trip, making it three on the road in a row. Miami returned home to play the Packers. Their bye week came two weekends before their three-game trip.

Don't expect the NFL to be the same this year, and Miami has had its share of luck getting home games after and even before bye weeks. This year, we think the schedule will put Miami on the road against the Rams and then the Seahawks in back-to-back weeks. Miami will have their bye week immediately following their West Coast trip. Could Miami then play home the following weekend?

Is there any rhyme or reason for this prediction? Not really. Both teams are West Coast NFC clubs that won't likely come onto the schedule later in the season. My guess would be that a midseason road trip makes more sense. It would also give the NFL schedulers an opportunity to put more emphasis on games like the Bills, Jets, Jaguars, and Texans in the month of December, adding to the drama of the year-end push for the playoffs.

It wouldn't make sense for the NFL to send Miami to the West Coast early in the year. More than likely, Miami will get teams like Cleveland, New England, Indianapolis, and Tennessee in the first two months, and when the middle of the season arrives, Miami will travel west and then have their bye week around Week 9 or Week 10. It's a prediction and nothing more, but without an out-of-country game on the schedule, the league can pretty much slot teams any way they want.