Predicting the Dolphins special teams roster ahead of training camp

Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) celebrates a go ahead field goal with seconds left in
Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) celebrates a go ahead field goal with seconds left in / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins are about to begin their 2023 training camp with rookies reporting next week and veterans a week later. Football season is just about back.

Over the next two days, check back often, we will be posting our final pre-camp roster predictions position-by-position. We will look at some of the more interesting camp battles that could play out and examine some of the potential moves that the Dolphins could make during camp as we hit each position.

We start with the special teams unit where three players will eat three positions of the 53 and thus will reduce the roster spots available to 50 for both the defense and offense. Typically, the special teams is pretty easy to predict but this year, there is a camp battle worth watching.

Jason Sanders has the open road to the 53 as he doesn't have a challenger on the roster. Still, if Sanders starts out erratic and inconsistent, the Dolphins could look to make him compete for his job. Chances are, that won't happen and Sanders is as much of a lock to make the roster as anyone else right no. Next year could prove to be a lot different

In addition to Sanders, Blake Ferguson is in a good position to make the roster because the Dolphins don't have a challenger for the long snapper job. Ferguson has been good at his job so there is no reason to believe he won't be again in 2023.

This brings us to the only true competition heading into camp and that will be between Michael Turk and Jake Bailey.

In this competition we can rule out money as a factor. Jake Bailey is set to make $1.09 million and Turk is set to make $750K, the league minimum. It is hardly a difference in savings although Miami would save the full $750 from releasing Turk.

This is as true a competition as we can see at the position. Bailey has more NFL experience but has dealt with a back injury that limited his availability with the Patriots last year. He also has a Pro Bowl on his resume.

For Turk, he has a very big leg with good hang-time and has been consistent throughout his college career. Between the two of them, it will interesting to watch what would normally be a rather boring competition.


  • Jason Sanders
  • Blake Ferguson
  • Jake Bailey - Money is not an issue and I think his NFL experience will win out in this situation but if his back issues rear up during the season, Miami will bring back Turk without hesitation. This is going to be one of those competitions that could literally go either way.