Predicting the Miami Dolphins offensive line pre-camp

The Miami Dolphins offensive line is once again going to be the subject of a lot of microscope attention after the team did little to address the position this past off-season.

Jan 15, 2023; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Terron Armstead before playing
Jan 15, 2023; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Terron Armstead before playing / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

For what seems like 10 years in a row now, the Miami Dolphins appear to be banking on their offensive line problems being coaching and not personnel.

After firing their offensive line coach in February, the Dolphins are hoping that they can finally get the right coach to get their players playing at a higher level. Miami fans would take an adequate level at this point.

Terron Armstead is the left side anchor but the big question is how much time will he miss in 2023? Armstead has yet stay healthy for an entire season dating back to his days with the Saints. When he is on the field, he is fantastic but the Dolphins don't have much behind him.

Liam Eichenberg was better with Armstead on the field but he too suffered injuries and missed time. On the right side, Austin Jackson missed almost the entire season, a critical one for the Dolphins starting right tackle. Now, he enters the final year of his rookie contract as the Dolphins opted not to pick up his 5th year option.

Robert Hunt is the most consistent of any of the offensive linemen and he should be the starting right guard this year unless the Dolphins move him to the left side or outside.

Of the starters, Connor Williams will return at center but he wants a contract extension. He doesn't have much say in the matter. Skipping a mandatory mini-camp is one thing but he can't afford to skip training camp unless he is willing to sit out the season.

Those five players are the locks to make the roster in 2023 but after those five, the likely four players that will make up the likely 9 man unit is one that could go in any direction.

The Dolphins have no centers listed on the roster and only one guard, Lester Cotton but they do list them all under OL.

Dan Feeney will be Miami's wild card in training camp. The Dolphins added him this past off-season and it will be interesting to see if they play him at guard or tackle and if he will get a chance to compete to being a starter. While I would not say he is a lock, he is as close to being one as possible. His roster spot means that there are three likely open in this camps battle unless Miami opts to keep 10.

The top guys that will be playing for a spot are as follows:

  • Robert Jones
  • Geron Christian
  • Ryan Hayes
  • Kendall Lamm
  • Isaiah Wynn

Those five should make up the competition for the rest of the available spots. Hayes is a rookie 7th round pick but that won't guarantee him a spot. Both Christian and Wynn have six years of experience and can play more than one position. They provide quality depth and can start if need be. It would be safe to think they both have a good shot at making the team.

Kendall Lamm has the most experience of those five with 8 seasons and he too has versatility to play along the line. If we look at experience, we have to assume that all three of them will take those final three spots.

That would leave Robert Jones on the outside looking in. The Dolphins seem to like Jones and he got experience last season but will he take a roster spot away from Lamm, Christian, or Wynn? Hard to think so but it is very possible given he is young and has a lot of upside potential.

Keidron Smith, Bennett Williams, and James Tunstall are all rookies and are long shots. Like Hayes, they have a possible landing spot on the practice squad but not the 53.

Predictions - 9 players

Terron Armstead, Liam Eichenberg, Austin Jackson, Conner Williams, Robert Hunt, Dan Freeney, Kendall Lamm, Isaiah Wynn, and I am going to say Robert Jones will get a spot over Geron Christian. With Christian potentially a 10th spot if Miami keeps as many.