Prior to the 2024 NFL Draft, Jevon Holland teases fans with a possible new jersey in 2024

The Miami Dolphins may be on the verge of getting new jerseys this coming season as per Jevon Holland.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins
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If this isn't an NFL Draft miracle, I don't know what it is. We're all sitting here trying to figure out the immediate future of the Miami Dolphins and Jevon Holland decides to pull a Tom Holland and casually spill the beans that the Miami Dolphins will in fact have some form of new jerseys this coming season.

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What and absolute power move from Jevon Holland. Here we are, waiting for the Chicago Bear to pick Caleb Williams, thus waiting to see everyone freak out that he has nail polish on, and he just, off the cuff, says that next year, the Miami Dolphins will have new uniforms. You may not care, but I and many others care a great deal.

For years, many of us have clamored for throwback uniforms to be the everyday jersey. The main reason for this is because they're the best jersey in all of sports. That seems like a good enough reason, but every time Stephen Ross is asked, he would say that he really likes what he created in 2013. He would never budge to make a complete change. I get why. The money he makes on both the current jersey and the throwbacks is too much.

But Jevon Holland is saying some form of a new jersey is on the way. Naturally, my mind races thinking of what that could be. Will it be the orange jerseys from the mid-2000s(not the creamsicle ones that nobody liked) or would it be something really cool that we have never seen before? Perhaps it would be something that incorporates the color black.

I'm not one to add new colors to the beautiful color scheme the Miami Dolphins already have, but black is one I'd fully support.

Time will tell what these new jerseys will be. If Jevon Holland is joshing us, I will be thoroughly disappointed. I'd like to think a fellow Marvel fan who understands the value of casting out fake spoilers wouldn't do something like that.

Enjoy the NFL Draft. Who knows what the Miami Dolphins will do? All I know is that I'm locked in for the next few hours. Drink and eat well, and let's get better tonight!

UPDATE: Obviously, you figured out that this was written before the draft started. The Miami Dolphins drated Chop Robinson. Have a great start to your Friday and keep coming back to Phin Phanatic for the best break downs of the Dolphin's draft on the internet.

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