QBs mentioned as potential Tua Tagovailoa replacements would be a disaster for Miami

Chris Grier needs to get things done with Tua as soon as possible.
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
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When is Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier going to understand that the grass isn't always greener on the other side? Time and time again, we've seen the Miami GM get cheap in terms of contract negotiations and it has come back to haunt the Dolphins.

Will the same be the case with Tua Tagovailoa? Grier reportedly isn't ready to pay his star QB 'market value' money. With that in mind, insider Omar Kelly decided to take a look at potential replacements for Tagovailoa should Miami move on from him following this season.

Some of the names make sense, with his list including Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott. Prescott to Miami would be interesting to see. However, some of the other names floated around by Kelly and others include Justin Fields, Russell Wilson and Daniel Jones. Could you imagine either of those three running this offense instead of Tua? Thanks, but no thanks.

Will the Dolphins finalize an extension with Tua Tagovailoa before training camp?

"Miami could also pursue Russell Wilson or Justin Fields, luring one of Pittsburgh’s two quarterbacks. Nobody knows which of those two will end the season as the Steelers’ starter, or how far either quarterback will lead Pittsburgh. But one should be available in 2025, if not both. The Dolphins could also provide Daniel Jones a new home if he’s dislodged from his starting role with the New York Giants. Jones has two years left on his existing contract, which will pay him $30.5 million next season at the age of 28."

Omar Kelly

Wilson and Fields obviously aren't the long-term answer for the Steelers, while Jones is expected to be released next offseason unless he puts up magical numbers for the Giants. No disrespect to any of these guys, but they're not even close to Tagovailoa talent-wise.

Of all the players linked with Miami for 2025, Prescott is the most intriguing. Similar to Tua with the Dolphins, the Dallas QB can't get on the same page with the Cowboys front office for a new deal. Both players could become free agents next winter. Keep in mind that Prescott has a clause in his current deal that states he can't be traded or tagged.

In a perfect world, Grier and Tagovailoa will end the drama and agree on a fair number for both sides. There's also the option that Miami will tag Tagovailoa next offseason, but that would be a risky move - Tagovailoa could even be a camp holdout in late July if he doesn't land a new contract. We won't know for sure what the future has in store at QB for Miami, but if you ask us, Grier needs to pony up the dough and lock in Tagovailoa with this team for the future. Going cheap to find a replacement is the last thing he should consider.