Ranking the best QBs in the AFC East: Where do the Miami Dolphins stand?

The AFC East has some quality quarterbacks, but where do the Dolphins rank?
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
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1. Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the AFC East, but the margin or difference isn't what it was a year ago. Tagovailoa is on his heels, and Rodgers' great season will close that gap further. For all the good that Allen has done, he too hasn't led his team to the Super Bowl, and that is something many expected last year.

Just like the Bills are the Achilles heel to Tagovailoa, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are the same to the Bills and Josh Allen. Allen is a fantastic quarterback when he isn't trying to force throws and his vision of the field is far better when he is running the ball than when he throws it on the run. He can be erratic at times and he needs to cut down on the interceptions because they are costing the Bills opportunities.

With that said, 2024 could be the last year that fans look at Allen as being one of the Top 5 quarterbacks in the league. He has to take the Bills further with less talent and that means he will shoulder the team without excuses.