Ranking the Miami Dolphins position units post-draft: WRs still reign supreme

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Miami Dolphins made some off-season moves to get better ahead of the 2023 season. Some units rose while others slid back.

The gap between the Miami Dolphins wide receivers unit and the cornerback unit is a lot closer than it was last year. Here is a look at what the Dolphins roster looks like after free agency and the draft and how they rank against the rest of the team's positional units.

Tight End

Is it fair to put the tight end position in the last spot of this ranking? You may not agree but given the losses to the unit and the additions, the offensive line isn't the worst unit on the Dolphins team.

Miami didn't make TE a priority this year, that was a big surprising. Partially due to the NFL Draft not falling the way the team may have wanted, Miami opted to draft CB in the 2nd round but they very well may have done that if a TE had fallen.

Free Agency

  • Additions - Eric Saubert
  • Losses - Mike Gesicki, Adam Shaheen, Cethan Carter, Hunter Long via trade
  • Draft - Elijaih Higgins (a converting WR prospect - round 6)