Ranking the Miami Dolphins position units post-draft: WRs still reign supreme

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Christian Wilkins
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The Miami Dolphins defensive line hardly changed but it really didn't need to. There wasn't a lot of work that needed to be done.

Entering the 2023 offseason the biggest question was whether or not the Dolphins would re-sign Christian Wilkins to a longer extension. They picked up his 5th year option last year and he will play under that for the 2023 season.

Miami has a decision to make in 2023 ahead of the 2024 off-season at the position. Next year all three starters, Wilkins, Zach Sieler, and Raekwon Davis will all be eligible for free agency and Miami can not afford to lose all three let alone two of them.

Free agency

  • Additions - none
  • Losses - John Jenkin

Draft - None

2023 Outlook - The Dolphins should be as good as they were last year if not better. The surrounding system and linebacker changes will help the unit maintain their trench domination they displayed last year.